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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Weekend Holiday Samplers

Since it is Christmas, I do have some obligations. Making presents, making food, entertaining friends, chasing my 1-year-old around to wrest from his hands whatever object he has suddenly stolen from the kitchen. That sorta thing.

In case you can't tell, he has climbed up on the coffee table (which has mysteriously been pushed up in front of the entertainment center) and was caught before he could actually touch the new TV. Which somehow also mysteriously came on, I'm guessing all by itself, because I couldn't find the remote for 2 hours. It turned up later inside his toy box. Hrrmmmmm....

He's an imp, that one. I wish I had snapped a picture of him when he scaled one of the bookcases and got about halfway up before I could get to him.

To make things a bit easier on the playlist front, I'm posting random mixes for this weekend and next. I won't post individual songs on Twitter on those days, but I will Tweet the links to the full playlists each afternoon.

Here's today's playlist. Enjoy!

12/15 - Random Saturday by Lilith X.M. on Grooveshark

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